For far too long, up and coming talent has struggled to “make it” in the established entertainment industries. While the general public that supports creative content has to settle for the limited retread projects put in mainstream media. Be it music, film, modeling, stand up comedy etc. the common denominator is that indie talent has lacked the support crucial to making a living from their efforts and fans of quality entertainment over of quantity have had very limited options. In addition to having little or no support, the major entertainment industries have made it almost impossible to get any where without establishment approval. However the CAMP Entertainment Network represents community and contacts that make it possible for members to know the benefits of co-op financial member for member support and offer the content consumers in the network worlds of pure creative expression to satisfy their desire for high quality entertainment, arts and services.

For those that may not be a talent but still want to be in the thick of this arts and entertainment revolution, joining the CAMP’S general free network is a great option to CAMP Plus. Now for those wanting careers in the arts, entertainment fashion etc. CAMP Plus makes sense for you y join, because you have something to offer and we feel that with other like minded members we can all help each other offer that something better as a community than we can alone. It’s time we all got paid and that reality could be just a membership away.