In the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”, we see a young Ann Hathaway land her dream job working for one of the world’s premiere fashion magazine editors played by Meryl Streep. However what our fresh out of college assistant learns is that her new boss is very high maintenance, entitled, demanding, mean at times and in the eyes of most people a real bitch to deal with. Yet the other thing she learns is that while not very well liked, there are reasons that her boss operates at the top of her field and can brings out in others that same level of excellence if they can stay the course and finally make the team.

Now while it’s not necessary to be the meanest or even high maintenance (to be at the top of your game) it’s still equally as unpopular when you decide to be a perfectionist with your expectations of others you work with. I mean think about it, once you start knit picking every small detail, (and everything has to be your way or the hi-way basically) it does not take long till people are whispering “what an ass hole“. Yes the quest for perfection in your goals will not win you any popularity contests especially when the social norm is do just enough to barely get by.

In creating and maintaining the CAMP, I have definitely made it clear by actions and words that being a part of member support is highly demanding. People at times have worked long and hard for me to only be told, “that’s really good work with the best intentions but it’s not at the standards we are looking for so sorry please try again or I will get so and so to do it”. You can imagine that I was not at the top of that person’s employer of the month list being what one friend referred to as “so persnickety” which brings us to the famous “aso” moment.

When you decide that something is important to you and you want it to be important to others, it’s ok to be persnickety about whatever that important thing is. If you are looking for a sitter for your kids, be persnickety. If you are trying to launch your brand be persnickety. Oh and of course if you are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right by all means be persnickety. And remember, while you will have some pull away because of your “control issues” lol, in the end not settling for less than your personal best (and the best in others) will be appreciated.

Finally, when a potential new team member asks that all important question “ So Khan, how to I get on here”? I am often reminded of the wise words of Mickey to Rocky Balboa from Rocky I

“ya gotta be able to spit nails kid. Like the guy says your gonna eat lightening and crap thunder”!


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