Throughout our history significant events have happened in pop culture that changed the way we see each other, do business and more. When these changes happen in the worlds, of politics, entertainment, business (or whatever segment of life they happen) these changes have come to be known as “paradigm shifts.” defines a paradigm shift as:

— n

a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory

A few obvious shifts took place with the creation of file sharing, social networks and you tube. And, the impact of just one of these shifts is credited with the revolution and over throw of the established and long standing government of Egypt‘s Hosni Mubarack. So to say that a shift is a “radical change“, is actually an understatement. Now it’s important to note that innovative concepts birth the shift or accelerate and influence a shift already in motion.

So whether something creates a shift or stimulates a process already in motion, that instrument of shift needs to be on our radar. Fully taking advantage of the opportunities shifts create comes through recognizing the shift stimulant before it become mainstream or common place and eventually is replaced by other shift catalyst at some point. For example, knowing what Facebook would be (at ground level) made billionaires out of some while others had no clue and are still upset over their missed opportunities. In like manner, seeing the CAMP Entertainment Network for what it really is now and what it is becoming, will be the success of many.

Imagine what entertainment, fashion and the arts will look like when anyone can make a living following their passion without needing record labels, radio stations, agencies or other hard to work with institutions. In a world where no artist is left behind, the feeling of making it will be for everyone instead of a very select few. The days of starving artists can be the exception instead of the rule and an Indie Nation Network aka The CAMP, can exists in chapters coast to coast and abroad. Sounds to good to be true I know but that’s what a shift can do. It can make what was once only a dream come true. The shift is in motion with or without us so strap yourself in Dorthy cause Kansas is going bye bye.



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