What allows The Camp to service such a broad area of clientele and their consumer needs, are our very diversified services. We are fortunate to have staff with expertise in the following fields of entertainment, marketing, public relations, online services, artist development, artist representation and more.

Artist Management & Development

They call it the entertainment “business” for a reason and it’s for that reason that talent is often considered only as good as the company managing their business. Handling all the time consuming tasks and details of money making careers is a full time job that has become a necessary part of moving from your dreams being a hobby to being a self sufficient business paying for itself and paying you. Bringing a top tier standard to artist representation is why The CAMP Entertainment Network is a name that people trust. “Let us serve your business needs so you are freed up to make beautiful music, art, films or whatever your passion is. Join the CAMP Entertainment Network and lets enjoy the success we create together”.

The Indie Nation Network

The Camp is a forming national network of independent artists, club owners, radio stations, malls, record labels and product sponsors working together to consolidate, promote, support and beneficially exploit the currently vast but unfocused resources of underground entertainment in the US.

Through the establishment of Camp cells in major and minor cities across the country, we are building an alternative entertainment industry that is capable of generating the same type of revenues (but on a smaller scale) as our major label and entertainment industry counterparts. However one significant exception that separates us from the mainstream industry is our no artist or entertainment entity left behind principle. Regardless of musical or entertainment genre, all artists are welcome provided that said artist, label, management company etc. has a professional level of commercial development or potential. The Camp wants you. Establish your ability to exist without needing to take whatever industry deal is presented because you now have alternative options that up your negotiating power. Remember its not only who you know that can make or break you in the game, its who knows you as well. Join the Camp and get known.

Music Creation, Production, Recording and Packaging

In this highly competitive music industry, it’s not enough to just write a great song. Now days a song has to sound great, have commercial production sensibility and post production packaging to really have a shot at standing out in a sea of others songs fighting for the same shrinking market share. However having world class recording, production, mixing etc. can make all the difference between a recording being a sonic mess or a masterpiece. Our ability to guide clients to the highest levels of recording excellence while staying within an indie budget is enough reason alone to have your recording needs met with us.

Work in Print, Video, Film & Project Creation

Whether you want to be in the movies, model in magazines or make your own music videos we can help with getting you where you need to go. Now while we can’t and won’t guarantee how others will feel about your talents and projects, we can present the opportunities and contacts to make things happen provided you have what we or our contacts are looking for. Breaking into movies, modeling or film making is almost impossible with so many trying to do the same thing at the exact time you are. However it’s because of the intense competition that success can hinge on not what you know as much as who you know and who they know. Let’s talk and see if we can be the right fit for helping to get you on the map.

Virtual Marketing, Product Placement, PR & more in 3D Avatar Communities

It’s no secret that social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have become the standard for both big and small businesses to push whatever goods and services they are trying to sell. However beyond the flat 2D limitations of these a fore mentioned sites is the 3D avatar driven social networks that have millions of members and represent the future of social and business interacting.

Our presence in worlds like Second Life and other virtual worlds allows us to represent your products, projects, services and artistry using interactive environments, television programming, live concerts, club events and more. Be on the cutting edge by utilizing this still new immersive medium to introduce millions of qualified consumers to what it is you have to offer via our brands and services linked below:

Avatar PR

Indie and Major label Shopping

For those without the time or desire to start their own labels, we still provide shopping opportunities that put your project in front of label representatives that can pull the trigger and make deals happen if they like what they see and hear. Years of working with entertainment attorneys, label reps, record producers and even signed artists starting their own labels has given us the contacts that can get your music seen and heard by legitimate scouts looking for the next big thing.

The Clubbing Connection

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Nu Vibez Magazine

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The Pulse Ent Network on iMoogi.TV

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Now it’s very important to note here that the following services while offered by the CAMP are not included in the membership:  Artists’ Management, and Development; Music creation, recording and production; Shopping to Indie or major labels, studios or agencies; Print, video, film work representation, project creation for clients, individual client marketing and public relations

The above services are for hire or invitation individual services between the CAMP and specific clients wanting personal business representation in addition to the community benefits of membership.