Because so many of you have asked when the subscription side of the CAMP would be made available, we are very excited to announce the May 2013 launch of CAMP Plus. What’s different about CAMP Plus from the CAMP general network is that CAMP Plus is for anyone that’s ready to start using the tools, contacts, bookings and other benefits that come with your monthly subscription. Unlike the general network (which allows the public to enjoy CAMP events, products, projects, promotions and limited services) CAMP Plus is all access to everything offered.

When asked to distinguish between CAMP Plus and the CAMP’S general network, Khan Cummings, (Special Projects Director) had this to say:

“For those that want to just check us out without the obligation of a monthly subscription and our TOS, having a general profile perfect. However for those ready to come out of the stands and actually get on the court to play ball, then nothing less than CAMP Plus will suffice. Both the general network and the Plus side are essential parts of our Indie Nation Network.”

International Partnership – US Liaison, Celebrity Tours

The CAMP Entertainment Network is proud to announce our new international partnership as the US Liaison for celebrity tours with indie talent in the opening slots and solo showcasing overseas . What this means is that for the first time, up and coming unsigned artists will get the break of a life time as they entertain international audiences hungry for fresh new performers just in time for spring/summer 2013.


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