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It’s 2016 and there is so much going on here at CAMP HQ that we are looking for two more new assistants to help us keep up with it all. Let’s first start with our current reality show project “Gangsta At Law” starring Paul Sims of Sims & Bailey as well as his staff and more.


Gangsta At Law shows that how Paul may have start in life, did not have to determine how he is finishing it. The show also presents the importance and the power of giving back to others that the status quo may not understand or patronize. However, Paul’s unique swag and successful law practice makes “Gangsta At Law” entertaining, enlightening, informative and motivational. We are very excited to be on the team for this soon to be released project this year.


model9MS. MARDI GRAS 2016

Next our sister company Boulevard Models, is proud to announce they have selected the winner of the launch contest and its Erica Teague of St. Louis MO.


Ms. Teague just had twin girls about 8 weeks ago (not to mention a very big bouncing baby boy 15 months before the girls were born) and she has already exercised her way back into her pre-baby jeans.

Back to pre baby jeans

Additionally, she is a self-employed entrepreneur and has received the following as part of her winnings and duties as Ms. Mardi Gras:

  • Erica is being cast in the web series Trigger
  • She will launch her own video vlogs,
  • She will star in her own reality show entitled “Saving Erica,”
  • She is making a guest appearance as herself on Gangsta At Law
  • She will perform all the paid public relations and good will duties of the reigning Ms. Mardi Gras of 2016
  • Plus enjoy even more career growth as a Special Projects and Booking Director with Boulevard Models.

So stay tuned here or over at one of our other sites connected with the CAMP or Boulevard Models for more Erica news and Erica will be doing a special meet and greet As Ms. Mardi Gras during the St. Louis celebration Feb 6th 2016 joins us back here for places and times.


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