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Camp TV: Pins & Needles

Here it is Campers, the July 2012 edition of CAMP TV recorded at the PINS & NEEDLES Fashion, Art & Rock Showcase so enjoy!!

Cherokee Nights

by Erica Teague

2716EA6F-83FC-43CB-9254-5F4847DA41ECAt 2720 Cherokee sits a diamond in the rough. 2720 is a super hip underground type venue that is owned and ran by the Loyal Family and Art Dimension’s. On the first Friday of every month they host an event that utilizes every inch of the massive three story 14,000 sq ft building the event is called Cherokee Nights First Friday Art Affair, during this event many local artists are given the chance to showcase their talents for everyone to enjoy. First Friday has been going on for a little over a year now and was inspired by Art Dimensions 10 year anniversary party where they received great feedback from the public after opening all three levels of the venue.

2D8419FA-DD6F-4233-BA81-156E17C6D1D7When I first arrived at 2720 I was immediately greeted at the door by Mr. Wendell. I had a chance to sit and chat with Wendell and was fascinated by his charisma and passion for what he does not only as a staff member at 2720 but his love for the art of music. Wendell has been with 2720 for a little over a year now and has quickly become an intricate role in the operations at 2720. Wendell has a long and impressive history of writing, singing and producing he has a studio located in the lower level of the building where he does pre-production work.

392F0F6B-636D-4A16-A6CF-A71139F12C9BAs I walked around during the event I was amazed at all the different genres of art on display. On the main floor there was a band playing there were artists painting and there was a section set up near the front of the room where a beautiful woman stood barefoot posing on a small wooden box under a bright light while several artists sketched away.

B88EF929-75B8-410F-B116-5C390CC59902On the second level local was an art showing of Chris Sabatin’s work, Chris is a local artist and owner of the Art Monster studios. Also on display at the event was the work of the Art Class Hero’s the artists names are John, Pete and Danny these three have a great collection of work from 3D sculptures to airbrush work and beyond.

AFC26E18-C124-499A-8901-C93B3E9F0523Rebecca Haas a local photographer had a live art show with models that were airbrushed by Jessica Dana a makeup artist/body painter. Rebecca’s artwork is inspired by the neurological condition Synesthesia this word comes from the ancient Greek meaning “together” and “sensation”. Someone with this condition will pair sensations. Stimulation of one sense will involuntarily elicit another sense. The images showcased are all monochromatic and absolutely stunning to say the least.

037C9567-67B8-4415-A0D8-D9B6A0585237Thanks to Davide Weaver co-founder of Art Dimensions the Loyal Family and 2720 a large number of local artists have a chance to showcase their work and mingle with other artists. This event drew a very eclectic group of people with a passion for the arts. I will without a doubt be returning for future events and of course to support our local artists.


Thank Us Later

Recently, there were two articles online that seemed very timely with all that’s going on with the CAMP, outside companies interested in the CAMP and the recent launching of our subscription model for Campers. Now the first of these articles was one that appeared in Variety about a hip hop artists that used social media networks to chart on the Billboard top 10 without a major label deal, radio air play or media coverage*. The second article was on Facebook going public to the tune of 95 billion dollars and the companies that jumped on as early investors*. What these two articles have in common is that they are both major endorsements for why the CAMP is a “no brainer” for any hopeful looking to take their career to a professional level.

In the first article we see how Rapper Hoodie Allen used his marketing training, his tenacity (and a network he spent years building) to sell 27,000 unit’s the week of April 28th 2012. He even quit his full time job to focus on marketing his art (as his job) to one contact at a time over and over. The end result of his faith in himself and his hard work was landing a spot in the Billboard Top 10. Where this becomes a major plug for the CAMP is that what Hoodie had to do all on his own (over the course of years of building a following), the CAMP can do for its members minus all that time and all the hard work.

In other words why do all that building one person at a time, and invest all that time working them when you can have a community of artists supporting artists that can do that for you and more? Now of course I am not discouraging anyone that wants to go totally solo like Hoodie Allen did. However I am of the opinion that if a person has the choice to have no strings attached help with a difficult task versus struggling to the top on their own, they will usually choose the red tape free help.

In the second article (about Facebook) we see why getting in on the launch of a business revolution is so beneficial. Both James Breyer of Accel Partners and Peter Thiel (the co-founder of Paypal) were early investors in Facebook that will also reap huge sums from selling stock as the company goes public. In like manner, early investment from companies supporting the CAMP are also poised to reap royally from their shrewdness in knowing a winning investment when they saw one.

This Facebook article is just another confirmation that the CAMP is an amazing investment opportunity for businesses and artists. As Facebook represented the evolution of social networking from its start with Myspace, the CAMP represents that same evolution from where it is currently with Facebook. The birth of social and business networks that monetarily invest in their network users is new and we are the excited about our role in this pioneering trek.

If you are reading this and you are an artist of any kind in any area of creative expression then join now and thank us later. If you are a business looking to joint venture invest, then reach out now and let’s see what’s possible. Don’t allow this opportunity to get in early, pass you by. Remember that artist that took stock in Facebook instead of the few thousand he was owed for painting their early offices*? Well his stock is estimated to be worth 200 million dollars and he didn’t have all the info we have today to recognize opportunities like this. I repeat, join or invest now, thank us later.





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