November, 2017

November, 2017 News

ATOMIC CITY is a new social media platform allowing users to become avatars and interact in a wide variety of virtual environments. Everything from artists looking to gig virtually and reach fans around the globe to singles wanting to mingle at our dating events online, Atomic City allows you to be anyone you want to be, and role play your adult fantasies.

Below are some still pics from the soon to be released ATOMIC CITY promotional trailer. Also visit us at

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August, 2017

August 2017 NEWS

So much has transpired over the last 8 months that we had to take a break and update everyone. First, we are happy to announce our partnership in the Midwest newest state of the art entertainment production studios.

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Dungeon Studios will offer top notch recording, film and additional in demand services. These pictures are before under construction pics to be followed by grand opening pics coming this fall. Stay tuned for more info.

Venita Moore News

Indie recording artist Venita Moore is finishing her debut project, Concrete Rose with the release of her single “Cake Up”.

Additionally a cutting edge marketing campaign using virtual reality and avatar driven online platforms. For more info visit

January, 2017

We want to wish you all an amazing 2017 and see as many Campers as possible turn their Talents into revenue streams instead of money pit dreams. This year we continuing the tools/events that can profit and empower you as a network users. Let’s together choose independent business as well as creative excellence as our standards and build our brands into all they can be. We have your back.

All the best,
Special projects Director


January 2017

This is the year that indie artists can turn their passion into a growing business that doesn’t just create bills, it pays them. Yes we are ready here at the CAMP to help our network users reach their full artistic and economic potential: Below is an amazing artist we have partnered with and she is well on her way.

June, 2016

Summer’s finally here and we very happy to share what’s going down for real at the CAMP and our sister company Boulevard Models.

First, we have had continued success with Boulevard Models’ making our clients’ brands look appealing and trendy. We are also adding new models so now is the time to consider applying for one of our very profitable positions. Also we are having several events open to the public this month and throughout the rest of the summer. If you are on the mailing list you will get the dates, times and locations sent to you soon. If you are not on the list then please get on it for all the latest news, events, sightings and employment opportunities. If you have a new or existing business, brand or services, Remember, IT ALL BEGINS WITH AN EVENT!

lucas_park LParkapp_pic5
GangastaInLaw_TypoArt_03a_FacebookBannerIn other news, as you may recall, we reported that the pilot episode was completed for Gangsta At Law. Well now we are in the process of dealing with industry contacts that would like to see the show on a main stream network instead of the web. Yet the web has always been our passion for debuting new and exciting content directly to the masses. Stay tuned here for more details where you will actually be able to watch the pilot and the series on a screen near you.

Everything Entertainment Logo.fwFinally we are excited to announce that in August/ Sept 2016, The latest contribution to the numerous entertainment news and events programming will start streaming this summer. EVERYTHING ENTERTAINMENT (the Show) will debut on our social media and broadcast sites. Our roving reporters and anchors will bring the latest happenings around town and all over the globe. Don’t miss one jammed packed episode so stay tuned here for specific places and showtimes.

April, 2016

We are preparing for an exciting summer. Two of our signed talent currently have video projects out that we want to show you here. “Pendemic” Bryce Green & Janelle (TRUTH DO IT) Springfield. Both of these artists gained serious recognition during Jack Daniels’ Jackin 4 Beats competition. When asked how the artists found the competition, CAMP Entertainment spokesperson “Khan Cummings, said the following:

“Even though there was some initial hesitancy by both Pen and Janelle, to do JACKIN 4 BEATS, they both went forward and executed the team plan well. Shortly afterward people were giving us props for turning a showcase into an opportunity that you are now seeing just some of the results of.”

Stay tuned here for more news and promotions with both these CAMP artists.

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