Welcome to The Camp

The Camp Entertainment Network LLC is the parent company to the subsidiary brands above. What each of these divisions has in common is that they are unique in the opportunities and solutions they offer aspiring talent, consumers, product manufactures and service providers.

The first place to start is by creating your own personal profile. Setting up an account is free and easy. Once you have a presence here in the network, you begin enjoying access to the music, films, fashion, services and more as a part of this Indie Nation Network awakening. This initial level of membership allows anyone and everyone to participate in a wide variety of ways that make the CAMP a fully immersive agency changing local, national and international markets for everyone in the community.

By paying $1.00 to join and a monthly membership fee, you upgrade to CAMP Plus where unknown talent can find themselves plugged into a network of consumers, studios, agents, national tours, goods and services. No longer flying solo, talent will have access to resources and community support that traditionally had been reserved for only those with labels deals, movie contracts, book deals etc. However as a CAMP Plus member, every performer, artist or entertainment related business owner can reap the support they give to others and experience the reality of being compensated for one’s efforts.

For the first time an artist can bulk sell their CD’s, DVD’s, books of poetry etc. directly to other CAMP and CAMP Plus members that have already agreed to buy the merchandise. The CAMP’S membership terms of services agreement (TOS) makes it possible for a starving artist, small business owners and others in the network to generate sales, and tour the country.

Being our own unique industry (within the traditional industries) eliminates the need for up and coming talent to beg or jump through hoops for a contract with mainstream music, film, print or booking institutions. Since many of the major labels, film studios, modeling agencies etc have been historically exploitative (more so than supportive) joining the CAMP alternative is a no brainer. Establishing CAMP affiliates in cities coast to coast will create chapters that support our live events when they are local, national and recently outside the US.