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We want to wish you all an amazing 2017 and see as many Campers as possible turn their Talents into revenue streams instead of money pit dreams. This year we continuing the tools/events that can profit and empower you as a network users. Let’s together choose independent business as well as creative excellence as our standards and build our brands into all they can be. We have your back.

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January 2017

This is the year that indie artists can turn their passion into a growing business that doesn’t just create bills, it pays them. Yes we are ready here at the CAMP to help our network users reach their full artistic and economic potential: Below is an amazing artist we have partnered with and she is well on her way.

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The Camp Entertainment Network LLC is the parent company to the subsidiary brands above. What each of these divisions has in common is that they are unique in the opportunities and solutions they offer aspiring talent, consumers, product manufactures and service providers. Want to know more, click the menu options.

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