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November, 2017 News

ATOMIC CITY is a new social media platform allowing users to become avatars and interact in a wide variety of virtual environments. Everything from artists looking to gig virtually and reach fans around the globe to singles wanting to mingle at our dating events online, Atomic City allows you to be anyone you want to be, and role play your adult fantasies.

Below are some still pics from the soon to be released ATOMIC CITY promotional trailer. Also visit us at

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August 2017 NEWS

So much has transpired over the last 8 months that we had to take a break and update everyone. First, we are happy to announce our partnership in the Midwest newest state of the art entertainment production studios.

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Dungeon Studios will offer top notch recording, film and additional in demand services. These pictures are before under construction pics to be followed by grand opening pics coming this fall. Stay tuned for more info.

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